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Posted by on Aug 17, 2016 in Dating, Love, News, Our Articles, Relationships, Sex | 0 comments

Rob’s Young Wife Was About To Get A Banging Of A Lifetime!

Rob’s Young Wife Was About To Get A Banging Of A Lifetime!

Rob has always wanted to see his beautiful young wife get pounded by a very large cock. He has fantasied about it for many years but never acted on it until one night. Rob’s friend Steve came over for some drinks and to hang out with the couple to celebrate Rob’s new job. Things started off normally with the trio having a few drinks and watching a movie. In the movie there was a steamy love scene that started to turn Rob’s wife on. Rob noticed his hot young wife secretly rubbing her self under a blanket she had around her.Rob moved closer to his wife and slide his hands inside of her pants, rubbing her vagina with his fingers. This made her super horny and they started kissing. Steve noticed what was going on and tried to excuse himself but Rob stopped him from leaving. Rob could see in his wife’s eyes that she was hot and horny and ready for anything.

Next Rob did something that shocked Steve. Rob pulled his wife’s shirt off exposing her very large D cup breasts. He then called Steve over and put Steve’s hands on her boobs. Steve was taken back but it did not stop him from rubbing all over her beautiful tits. Rob then move to the other side of the sofa, to allow the pair to start having wild sex.

Steve kissed Rob’s wife all over her beautiful 24-year-old body making her super wet. This turned Rob on as he watched and he started playing with his own cock. Rob’s wife now was totally naked and so was Steve. She was shocked at how large Steve’s cock was and she climbed on top of him and put it in her wet vagina! As his cock forced its way inside the tight vagina, Rob’s wife moaned loud with excitement. She has never had a penis this large before and she was enjoying every moment of it.

That night Rob’s wife and Steve banged each other for many hours and Rob got off to them many times. Now that Rob and his wife have tried another lover, they often invite Steve back for more. This happens at least a few times a month and they all have a great time together. Rob is very happy that he invited Steve over that night and so is his young and super horny wife.

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