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Posted by on Sep 27, 2016 in Dating, Love, Our Articles, Relationships, Sex, Uncategorized | 0 comments

You cannot beat this guy in bed

Some of my friends at London escorts wonder why I left London escorts to be with an older guy.

First of all, it is kind of hard to hang to a relationship when you work for a London escorts service. Lots of guys just want to date you because you are sort of like this glamour girl. That is very well, but I actually want to have a boyfriend who is there for me, not just for himself. My older guy is there for me and for himself as well.

It is nice being cared for, and that is what I don’t think a lot of my former colleagues at London escorts fully appreciate when it comes to my relationship with my man. Yes, he may do things a little bit differently, but he has tons of life experience and that matters a lot to me. Okay, I know that he is 20 years older than I am, but to be honest, we have a much more active lifestyle than many younger people. I would say that some of the girls at London escorts do not enjoy life as much as I do.

Is he good in bed? The truth is that he is really good in bed. Just like he is very considerate in life, he is very considerate in bed as well. Like I keep saying to the girls at London escorts, he also very romantic. I love all of the little surprises like dirty weekends away and stuff like that. Most of the girls at London escorts do have nice boyfriends, but I am not so sure that their relationships with their boyfriends are as good as mine.

Some of the girls thought that I started to go out with my man just because he is rich. I suppose it helps, but that is not the only reason I do live with him. In general, I really like his lifestyle, and we have tons of fun together. Yes, he has an obsession with going out for dinner, but at the same time, he is happy for me to go out clubbing with my friends from London escorts. When I was dating a younger guy, there was a lot less give and take in the relationship. That is not a problem at all any more, and we have tins of that.

Do we have any interests in common? At first, I did not think that we would, but we really do. We both like travelling and we have been on a couple of great cruises. In secret, I think that my former friends at London escorts are a bit jealous of me. They know that I enjoy a good lifestyle and have a wonderful time with my boyfriend. We may not have sex every night, but when we do, it is a great experience which seems to have a bit of deeper meaning. Do you know what? I prefer that, and I am sure that a lot of the girls from London escorts would appreciate my older guy as well.

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