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Posted by on Jan 31, 2018 in Our Articles, Relationships, Sex, Uncategorized | 0 comments

I am a single lady…

‘I am a single lady’ Beyonce was singing on my fancy new car radio as I was driving into London escorts to start the nightshift. Almost as soon as I had joined London escorts, I had realised that there was little point in going all out for a serious relationship. Most girls at the charlotte London escorts agency that I worked for in London seemed to be in and out of relationships all of the time, and I was not going to go down that route. So I had made this little pledge with myself to stay single during my time with escorts in London.

As I was happily seeing along to Beyonce and what I had come to regard as my song, I did not have an inkling what waited for me that night at London escorts. Most of the gentlemen in my diary that evening were regulars and they only wanted to hook up with me to spice up their lives a little. However, there was one name on the list I did not recognise, and I was sure that I had not dated him on behalf of London escorts before.

The name was a bit unusual, and made me wonder if he was foreign. His surname sounded Jewish, and it made me pay attention as it is rather unusual to hook up with Jewish gentlemen at London escorts. They seem to make their own arrangement, and most London escorts can count the number of Jewish gents they have dated one hand. I was not any different and could only think that I met one Jewish gent at London escorts during my time at the escort agency.

With my regulars out of the way at London escorts, I sat down to wait for Joel. He turned up about five minutes late, and was not really interested in dating me at all. It was more like a job interview to be honest, and it turned out that Joel was indeed Jewish and wanted a constant companion for business dates. Apparently so many Japanese gents frequented his business and expected him to have a sexy lady on his arm. As a bachelor, that was not something that he could conjure up out of his jewellery box as he said with a smile.

I clearly passed the interview as I found myself on the way to his shop in Hatton Garden. He said that he wanted to check my dresscode but as much as that he wanted to show off his merchandise. It was not long before I found myself wearing some a gorgeous diamond necklace and matching earrings. That evening something changed in both our lives. We are not any longer the confirmed bachelor and the single lady. We have sort of become this power couple on the international diamond scene, and I now only speak of London escorts in hushed tones to my lovely husband and strictly in past tense. Who would have thought I would not have to buy my own diamonds any more…

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Pleasure And Sex

Yes, it is nice to be able to have great sex, but I think that there is a lot more to life than great sex. Since I left London escorts, I decided to check out on life a little bit. I have spent my time traveling and doing all of the things that I have always wanted to do. It is just nice to take a break, and I think that many former cheap escorts in London have done the same thing.

Now I am back into London and I feel that I am ready to move on in life. Like I have said to my former London escorts colleagues, having a man in my life is not really a priority right now. I have so many other things that I like to do. For instance, I have found out that I rather like art and it is something that I am following up on. Some of the girls at London escorts think that I am mad but at the moment I am taking a class in Chinese brush painting.

After that, I have several other projects lined up. At first, I was a bit worried about money, but I have been able to find this part time job that pays well. It is not the dream job, but I don’t need to have a dream job at the moment. What I do outside of work matters more. Some of the girls think that I should go back to cheap escorts in London, but I feel that I have contributed enough to the London escorts. Perhaps I will feel different in the future.

I still keep in touch with some of the gents that I met at cheap escorts in London. Yes, I did have a good time and I made some great gentlemen friends at London escorts. The nice thing is that we have truly become friends. We go out for dinners and generally have a good time together. The playing field has changed and I am not any longer the hot girl from London escorts – I am just an ordinary girl and I think that they appreciate that. At least I know that they respect that.

Sure, one day I am sure that I am going to find some sort of love interest. In may even be one of my former dates from London escorts. Now I am happy enjoying what I am doing at the moment. I have so many things that I like to do that I have written them down on a bit paper, and I keep it in my home office. It is nice to be able to plan for the future without having anybody breathing down your neck telling you what to do. Maybe I will just stay single for the rest of my life like so many of the bachelors that I used to date. All things considered, I can appreciate that there are some positive sides to being single and managing on your own. Marriage and relationships are not for everybody.

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You cannot beat this guy in bed

Some of my friends at London escorts wonder why I left London escorts to be with an older guy.

First of all, it is kind of hard to hang to a relationship when you work for a London escorts service. Lots of guys just want to date you because you are sort of like this glamour girl. That is very well, but I actually want to have a boyfriend who is there for me, not just for himself. My older guy is there for me and for himself as well.

It is nice being cared for, and that is what I don’t think a lot of my former colleagues at London escorts fully appreciate when it comes to my relationship with my man. Yes, he may do things a little bit differently, but he has tons of life experience and that matters a lot to me. Okay, I know that he is 20 years older than I am, but to be honest, we have a much more active lifestyle than many younger people. I would say that some of the girls at London escorts do not enjoy life as much as I do.

Is he good in bed? The truth is that he is really good in bed. Just like he is very considerate in life, he is very considerate in bed as well. Like I keep saying to the girls at London escorts, he also very romantic. I love all of the little surprises like dirty weekends away and stuff like that. Most of the girls at London escorts do have nice boyfriends, but I am not so sure that their relationships with their boyfriends are as good as mine.

Some of the girls thought that I started to go out with my man just because he is rich. I suppose it helps, but that is not the only reason I do live with him. In general, I really like his lifestyle, and we have tons of fun together. Yes, he has an obsession with going out for dinner, but at the same time, he is happy for me to go out clubbing with my friends from London escorts. When I was dating a younger guy, there was a lot less give and take in the relationship. That is not a problem at all any more, and we have tins of that.

Do we have any interests in common? At first, I did not think that we would, but we really do. We both like travelling and we have been on a couple of great cruises. In secret, I think that my former friends at London escorts are a bit jealous of me. They know that I enjoy a good lifestyle and have a wonderful time with my boyfriend. We may not have sex every night, but when we do, it is a great experience which seems to have a bit of deeper meaning. Do you know what? I prefer that, and I am sure that a lot of the girls from London escorts would appreciate my older guy as well.

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Rob’s Young Wife Was About To Get A Banging Of A Lifetime!

Rob’s Young Wife Was About To Get A Banging Of A Lifetime!

Rob has always wanted to see his beautiful young wife get pounded by a very large cock. He has fantasied about it for many years but never acted on it until one night. Rob’s friend Steve came over for some drinks and to hang out with the couple to celebrate Rob’s new job. Things started off normally with the trio having a few drinks and watching a movie. In the movie there was a steamy love scene that started to turn Rob’s wife on. Rob noticed his hot young wife secretly rubbing her self under a blanket she had around her.Rob moved closer to his wife and slide his hands inside of her pants, rubbing her vagina with his fingers. This made her super horny and they started kissing. Steve noticed what was going on and tried to excuse himself but Rob stopped him from leaving. Rob could see in his wife’s eyes that she was hot and horny and ready for anything.

Next Rob did something that shocked Steve. Rob pulled his wife’s shirt off exposing her very large D cup breasts. He then called Steve over and put Steve’s hands on her boobs. Steve was taken back but it did not stop him from rubbing all over her beautiful tits. Rob then move to the other side of the sofa, to allow the pair to start having wild sex.

Steve kissed Rob’s wife all over her beautiful 24-year-old body making her super wet. This turned Rob on as he watched and he started playing with his own cock. Rob’s wife now was totally naked and so was Steve. She was shocked at how large Steve’s cock was and she climbed on top of him and put it in her wet vagina! As his cock forced its way inside the tight vagina, Rob’s wife moaned loud with excitement. She has never had a penis this large before and she was enjoying every moment of it.

That night Rob’s wife and Steve banged each other for many hours and Rob got off to them many times. Now that Rob and his wife have tried another lover, they often invite Steve back for more. This happens at least a few times a month and they all have a great time together. Rob is very happy that he invited Steve over that night and so is his young and super horny wife.

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